Redefining Bull Fighting

Bull fighting is controversial.  It is deeply respected tradition in Spain, not to mention a money spinner.   But killing animals for sport is bloody, cruel and seen as barbaric in these times.

There is hope.  I think these freaks just nailed the future of bullfighting.   And a new generation of tumble-tot classes in Spain surely will help rebuild the economy.

Jump ahead to 0:39 seconds to get to the good stuff.




Bob and Doug Santos Fraser

Yago: ” Dad, I thought you were Spanish.  What’s with the dorky plaid flannel?”

“Aren’t you brave, sophisticated and gallant like a real Spanish man?  Never turning your back on danger?”


Rogelio: ” Well son, I’ll tell you a secret.  This is the ugliest shirt I own, but your Mom thinks it’s sexy.”

Yago:  “What does she know about fashion?  I thought I was a Spanish baby.  She put me in dance pants and crocs.  Where are my linen lieder-hosen and leather loafers?  Why doesn’t she iron my underwear like the other Spanish Moms?”

Yago: “And check these puppies out.  No pom-poms.  The kids are going to laugh at me. “

Rogelio:  “Relax son, your Mom is getting the hang of this Spanish thing.  The dance pants are just preparation for what real Spanish men wear.    Ballet slippers.”

Yago:  “Take off, Spanish hoser,  I’m outta here.  Gotta get me some back bacon.  And I am not wearing a Mickey Mouse hat unless it comes with a trip to Disney Land.”